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Fashion Factories provides an extensive array of solutions tailored to businesses and brands of all sizes, from industry leaders to emerging startups. Whether you're in need of promotional merchandise or bespoke apparel, we can provide guidance and the resources for your business.

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Navigating the journey from product development to overseas manufacturing can often feel like a daunting task. The conventional approach involves a complex network of fashion designers, sample makers, pattern makers, material suppliers, and manufacturers, leading to frequent miscommunication and frustration. It's a lengthy process that often yields disappointing results, taking months or even years to piece together.

Thankfully, there's now a superior solution...

Prototype revolutionizes the process of launching new fashion products, eliminating the logistical challenges with our innovative, streamlined approach. We seamlessly bridge language, cultural, and working style gaps to deliver the results you need swiftly and efficiently.

Prototype consolidates all the essential services required by any fashion label into one convenient workflow. Plus, rest assured that your products will be manufactured to the highest quality and ethical standards.

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