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Discover your sourcing and production partners with Fashion Factories. Explore the world of fashion manufacturing through our verified and trusted factory partners. We produce and manage production for small to large size fashion brands, delivering the highest quality from our ethical manufacturers, that are carefully curated for each brand. Everything from fabric sourcing, manufacturing and logistics. Delivering quality and ethical standards at all times.

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  • Factory Sourcing

    Our trusted network of verified suppliers are ready to accelerate your brand. Tailoring our selection to your specific requirements, we meticulously verify each factory with the utmost precision, ensuring a trusted and reliable collaboration.

  • Fabric Sourcing

    Explore a world of quality fabrics sourced from the largest fabric market, bolstered by our partnerships with trusted vendors. We also take pride in crafting our own range of sustainable fabrics—environmentally conscious and designed to contribute to a planet-friendly future.

  • Production Management

    Embark on your manufacturing journey with us as we navigate the entire process together, overseeing sourcing and production ensuring a seamless onboarding experience with our verified supply chain. Join the countless ideas we've transformed into reality, and brands we have helped to succeed.

Product Categories

At Fashion Factories, we encompass a wide scope of product categories. Our expertise excels across ladies and mens fashion, swimwear, bags and accessories, footwear, and so much more.

Embrace the liberty to curate your vision without the constraints of additional MOQ restrictions. Elevate your collection by seamlessly integrating products from our existing blocks or develop a range from your own designs. We breath life into your ideas and build successful brands.

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Sustainability in Fashion

At the heart of our expertise lies a commitment to sustainability, as we specialise in sourcing eco-friendly fabrics from the world's premier mills and makers. Our dedication to the planet drives us to offer a range of sustainable materials that meet the highest standards. Moreover, our state-of-the-art digital printing mills ensure the pinnacle of quality in every print, seamlessly bringing any custom artwork to life with vibrant precision. Join us on a journey where conscious choices meet exceptional craftsmanship, creating a positive impact on both style and the environment.

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Fashion Factories stands as a frontrunner in the global market for fashion manufacturing, particularly excelling in low minimum orders, catering to both startups and established brands. Embracing our network of verified, eco-conscious factories that are committed to sustainability.

Our focus on fashion sourcing, manufacturing, and production management is underscored by a dedication to supporting entrepreneurs. Fashion Factories offer comprehensive guidance that equip individuals with essential resources and strategies to navigate the industry successfully.

We work with brands to offer a seamless process. Guided by our dedicated team at every stage, our objective is to make entrepreneurship accessible, reliable, and enriching within our global community.

China Factory Tours

We host curated factory tours in China, providing a chance to explore fabric markets, visit factories or even tour through the Canton Fair. We propel brands years ahead of their competitors on this once in a life time experience!

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