Embark on an enriching journey where you'll witness the inner workings of factories, grasp ethical standards, and bring your designs to life on the factory floor. Master the art of entrepreneurship in fashion design, product development, garment production, trend forecasting, fabric sourcing, and influencer marketing. Depart with not just new factories and samples, but also a profound understanding of Guangzhou's vibrant city, insights into factory operations, marketing content for your brand, and a network of invaluable connections.

Every moment spent in the world's largest and fastest-growing manufacturing hub is designed to provide you with years of knowledge in a condensed experience. Gain expertise in the manufacturing process, accumulate the latest fabrics and trims, kick-start your sampling for future collections, and leave with a portfolio brimming with marketing content. Our commitment extends beyond the event, as we offer an ongoing mentorship program to empower you on your journey as a driving force in the future of the fashion industry.

The Ultimate Fashion Tour


How production lines work inside Factories

The Ethical Standards requested of Factories

Putting your designs into work at the Factory

Source new factories

Build solid relationships with your makers

Source the latest fabrics and trims

Develop new ideas

Develop your brand in:

Fashion Design

Product Development

Garment Production

Trend Forecasting

Fabric Sourcing

Marketing & Social Media

Walk away with:

New Factories

Samples and future samples

The Experience of Guangzhou's vibrant City

An understanding of factory operations & how to translate your ideas

Marketing Content for your Brand 

The latest Fabrics & Trims

Once in a Lifetime Experiences

New Friends & Contacts

Social Marketing opportunities

Ideas.. Many many Ideas!

Each minute of your day will be an eye-opening experience into the world’s largest

and fastest-growing manufacturing hub. You will walk away with years of knowledge and expert advice in this accelerated experience that will result in a comprehensive understanding of how the manufacturing process works, a collection of the latest fabrics and trims, a kick-start on sampling for future collection, portfolio material, and marketing content.