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What we do for you

Remove the guesswork, time and money wasted on finding the right factory to make your products.​
We have saved clients 36% on their production costs and up to 88% of their time!

We work through the manufacturing process with you, ensuring your sampling and production is smooth and efficient.

Navigating the journey from product development to overseas manufacturing can often feel like a daunting task. The conventional approach involves a complex network of fashion designers, sample makers, pattern makers, material suppliers, and manufacturers, leading to frequent miscommunication and frustration. It's a lengthy process that often yields disappointing results, taking months or even years to piece together.

  • 1. Design

    Create your design and specifications for the products you want made. Our team is here to support beginners!

  • 2. Sourcing

    We select the right factory partner for your brand based on your requirements. All our factories are verified by our team.

  • 3. Sampling

    Fabric sourcing and sampling is managed by our team to ensure your designs are translated correctly.

  • 4. Production

    We provide guidance on costings and negotiations, through to labeling, production and shipping.

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Our Services

Trusted Manufacturers:
We understand that every brand has unique needs. Our team carefully curates manufacturing partners to align with your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless production process.

Sampling and Production:
From fabric sourcing to manufacturing and logistics, we handle every aspect of production with precision and care. Our goal is to deliver exceptional quality while upholding ethical standards throughout the supply chain.

Quality Assurance:
We prioritize quality at every step. Our rigorous quality control measures guarantee that your products meet or exceed expectations, maintaining your brand's reputation for excellence.

Ethical Manufacturing:
We are committed to ethical practices. Our network comprises manufacturers who adhere to strict ethical standards, promoting fair labor practices and environmental sustainability.

Why Choose Us?

With years of experience in the industry, we possess the expertise to navigate the complexities of sourcing and production in China effectively.

We understand the importance of reliability in business partnerships. Count on us to deliver on time and to your specifications, every time.

We believe in transparent communication. You'll have full visibility into the production process, allowing you to stay informed and in control.

Long-term Partnerships:
We view our clients as long-term partners. Our commitment extends beyond individual projects to building lasting relationships based on trust and mutual success.

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